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Hitler Youth Type Child Sailor Suit - WWII America Bund

Hitler Youth Type Child Sailor Suit - WWII America Bund
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Well, here's a conversation starter. For whatever reason wealthier families used to be fixated on dressing their kids up in sailor suits. This three piece set came out of Lancaster Pa which has always had a sizable German community. Germans in the early 1930's saw a resurgent Germany and, without seeing the darker side, were proud of being German. This little suit dates to that period and, if not worn by a family in the infamous America Bund it belonged to a family which likely had that type leaning. The only markings are in English and has something to do with the waist band (See photos). There is no fly but buttons to hook suspenders onto. The white spots on the image of the shorts are nips where the interior lining is showing. The little dickie is in great shape with no holes and finely embroidered swaz, anchors and rank stripe. The top also has a fair amount of snags and nips but they are far less obvious without the white lining. One bad one the lapel, three around the waits and one on the arm. The damages to the top can be seen in the last three images. Yes, there are some condition issues but this is just such an interesting and rare suit I can't say enough. Over the years I have seen innumerable HJ and German made kids garments but this is the first American made, likely American Bun, outfit I have encountered.

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