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Part Plate from Prinz Eugen Battleship - WWII German

Part Plate from Prinz Eugen Battleship - WWII German
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Yes, you read the title correctly. This came from an advanced collection. I am not in a hurry to sell this and mostly listed this to share it with some of my regular customers that I consider friends. The bottom text reads "Spare parts for boiling water pump". I believe this was off of a parts locker or cabinet meant for boiler repair but I guess this could also be for a water pump; Hard to tell with my imperfect grasp of the German language. At any rate, I doubt that after many years of searching one would be able to find a verifiable and named piece of anything from the Prinz Eugen. This battleship was one of five German heavy cruisers during WWII. She entered service in August of 1940 and was the ship attached to the Bismarck when that ship attempted to break out into the Atlantic and wreak havoc on allied shipping. She then participated in the great Channell Dash, known to the Germans as Operation Cerberus. During service in Norway she was torpedoed by a British submarine. After repairs from this incident she was used as artillery support for troops retreating on the Eastern Front. She surrendered to the British Navy but was given to the United States as a war prize. She was then sadly used in nuclear testing by the United States and in 1946 was towed to Kwajalein Atoll and sunk. One can almost see American servicemen swarming across the ship, looking for souvenirs before the nuclear test. It would be my guess that this was when this plate was taken off of whatever it was attached to and taken home. It is now suspended in acrylic which was at that time a very popular thing to do to prized possessions that vets might want to keep on their desk and use as a paper weight. There is a crack in the bottom middle portion and beneath that it looks like water damaged caused the material to separate a blister outwards on both sides. Obviously this condition issue doesn't bother me in the least. What a terrific piece of history; A piece that was definitely present on the German side of the Bismarck battle. Wow.

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