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Span Am War Battleship Maine Change Purse - Spanam

Span Am War Battleship Maine Change Purse - Spanam
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"Remember the Maine" became the battle cry for the United States during the Spanish American war in 1898. Hostilities broke out after the explosion of the Maine in Havana harbor. Apparently the old slogan "Remember the Alamo was deemed to have been successful enough for a retread. This change purse was a product of that time "fad". The buff leather is worn (As buff leather well over 100 years old tends to do) but there are no tears and the leather remains quite soft and pliant despite age. There is some stitching out at the bottom but I don't see that as fatal. The pressed plate of the battleship is in great shape and well rendered. Really a neat piece of American propaganda history. Of course, in retrospect it looks like we blew the boat up ourselves either by accident or actually on purpose in order to begin a desired war. Who knows?

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