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WWII American Trench Art - Liberation of Holland

WWII American Trench Art - Liberation of Holland
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Very cool trench art ashtray. The match holder at the top is engraved on both sides. One side shows a crown and reads "NEDERLAND HERRUST". The other side reads "BEVRUDING SPEKH-HEIDE 17 SPETEMBER 1944". I belive "Bevruding" should be "Bevrijding" which means "Liberation". The date of Sept 17, 1945 coincides with the begginning of Operation Market Garden. The interesting point here is that Market Garden was not much of a success and the failure to finish this battle as planned was immortalized in the movie A Bridge Too Far. Holland wasn't completely liberated May 5, 1945. So one wonders whether this piece was made just prior too, or during, Operation Market Garden with high hopes being expressed by the artist. At any rate it is a very well done piece. the base is from a 1944 dated 105mm shell. Nice to find trench art that relates to a specific event of interest. All inert.

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