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Artillery Leutnant Full Uniform Untouched-WWII German 1

Artillery Leutnant Full Uniform Untouched-WWII German 1
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Excellent mid-war complete uniform for army artillery leutnant, right down to the suspenders and boots. Because of the detailed photography necessary I am splitting this into two separate listings. The fabric throughout is perfect, fresh and undamaged. This uniform was well cared for, possibly right off the rack as the tailor tag is still in the pocket (In French) and the label sewn in the inside pocket has the same tailor emblem (JB). The best way to describe this is to point out the few negatives with the understanding that other then these few points the whole get up is perfect and the pictures can describe it better then I. On the inside collar the lower neck hook is broken off. On the visor cap one prong from the wreath has poked through the sweat band. The upper band of red piping on the cap has a few nips to it (See photos). That is it; Not a big list of negatives for a full, original uniform. A few notes on the hat: The label inside the visor cap is a little faded but reads "Fr. Beuriger Kaiserlautern Stirndruckfrei Deutsche Reichspatent". Also, the cap has relaxed outward on the sides but a rubber band pulled onto the side buttons for a while should pull it back in; Not damaged but relaxed structure. This cap is a very high end example with honestly deluxe material used throughout, along with the owner's initials of EP attached to the sides in stiff little buttons. There is even a 1/4 inch round black velvet trim machine sewn onto the bottom of the sweatband. Although I have not seen this before a quick inspection makes it certain that this was built into the hat and not added later and it honestly feels really nice when worn. While the uniform as a whole is not a scarce example from some weird branch of service, it is an honest example in near mint shape with a few pleasant surprises mixed in. This is really a lovely uniform.

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