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Antique Indo Persian Mughal Shield Circa 1800

Antique Indo Persian Mughal Shield Circa 1800
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Exceptional quality Indo Persian shield dating to late 18th or early 19th century. Gold and silver floral design throughout obverse. At one point gold and silver relief was entirely offset by fine black enamel work. Over the centuries the black enamel has largely worn from the center, raised section but remains thick on the lower, outer portions. This does afford the piece an honest and tasteful aged appearance. The center shows four raised bosses backed on the reverse solid hexagonal bolts pierced by thick rings. All of the back hardware is hand wrought. Lower quality examples I have seen have smaller, lighter weight back rings. I imagine the pad on the reverse may be a replacement but it certainly has been there a long time. The white cord shown in the images is modern and was placed there by the previous owner to hang on a wall fixture. There is wear along the outer edge as if it may have actually been used but condition remains excellent throughout. Really a lovely example measuring just under 30cm in diameter.

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