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HJ Oath of Loyalty to Fuhrer and Flag-WWII German Youth

HJ Oath of Loyalty to Fuhrer and Flag-WWII German Youth
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Hitler Youth document from March of 1943. This certificate basically amounts to a certified pledge of allegiance. Just like the army's pledge, the problem here is that the youth is not pledging allegiance to his/her country but to the person of Adolf Hitler. Obviously this caused all kinds of trouble when The Fuhrer turned out to be more then a little bit problematic. In my opinion this is an important document, the significance of which goes well beyond the normal HJ documents for minor awards or participation in this or that event. Full sized document at 21x29.5cm. Not mint but I would say this item is in great shape. No tears or creases and corners are still respectably sharp. Two signatures at the bottm for a Hitler You Fuhrer and another person whose title was "Der Hoheitstrager Der NSDAP". Since the HJ member did not sign this document I would assume that he verbally gave the pledge of allegiance and the two official signers were acting as official witnesses of the state. Interesting item even though we should feel sympathy for young kids that got roped into this business.

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