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Imperial Japanese Army Riding Breeches - WWII IJA

Imperial Japanese Army Riding Breeches - WWII IJA
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These riding breeches are not minty by any means but they are extremely interesting and really tell a story if one takes the time to look at them. They are really well made with nice, baggy thighs that taper nicely to the calves to be tucked into boots. Each calf area has 4 buttons and a string tie. The waist has a built in fabric belt system. To add strength the front of the thighs are gently ribbed by added lines of stitching giving it an interesting ridged texture. Although well made, these breeches were way over used. The strengthened, ribbed section the knees had been completely worn out on both sides but were thoroughly and skillfully field repaired and "plugged" with added fabric. There is also significant wear and repairs to the crotch. On the rear the seat has been reinforced with a corduroy type material. There are also little sewn repairs here and there including one to the cuff at the bottom of the leg. Besides these repairs there are a few small wear holes here and there. When examining these breeches one gets a mental image of an officer, desperate to continue to appear professional and dignified, repairing and repairing his pants as the Japanese supply and communication system continues to deteriorate as the war progressed. There is also some sort of a grease stain on the front left pocket. If you have ever, ever seen a piece of uniform that had obviously been through the hell of an extended period of tie at the front this is it. These are just neat.

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