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Sing Sing Prison Corrections Guard Badge - Real

Sing Sing Prison Corrections Guard Badge - Real
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Very interesting and very rare item. This is a rare (And obsolete / defunct) badge for employee of Sing Sing prison. I am not sure when numbered badges were put into use there but this would have been shortly thereafter with a low badge number of 171. Really a great look to this badge with an even and pleasant degree of age wear on the front (See photos). While the main anchoring would be done by the screwback on the reverse I believe there may have been a stabilizing pin on the reverse of the eagle as there is a drop of solder there with no apparent purpose. As far as I can tell this is the only damage. When one was convicted of a crime in New York city and sent to Sing Sing prison this was termed being "Sent up the river". Attached images include with and without flash. Extremely interesting item. Mo legal issues as this is an obsolete badge and nothing more then an interesting collectible.

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