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German Army Field Phone Exchange - WWII Swithcboard

German Army Field Phone Exchange - WWII Swithcboard
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One of the main reasons that German forces had such an advantage early in the war was the advancement of their field communications. Their use of throat microphones for panzer troops is legendary. Right up that same alley is this impressive telephone switchboard. This very interesting piece of equipment brings great flexibility to the command center of a battlefield as it is now possible to utilize up to 10 phone lines right up at the front lines. It is not hard to imagine how this would give a huge edge to front line units. This piece is in great shape and I don't see why it wouldn't still be usable. All the buttons and switches in the front seem to work fine. On the reverse, just under the hinges, is the equipment plate with the serial number. This plate dates this at 1940 and names the maker as Groos & Graf in Berlin. If the side switches are released these hinges open up and the inside is then visible. Inside are all ten plugs which are in just about perfect shape; Cords are smooth, flexible, clean and absolutely free of dry rot. Also inside is the waffenamt, again the gate 1940, and an interlocked "GG" maker mark, obviously for Groos & Graf. The wood throughout looks nice and is still smooth with lots of finish. Won't be cheap to ship at 17 lb 11 Ounces (A little over 8kg). As innovative as it was you know Fritz was hoping he didn't have to pick it up and run. 35cm wide, 16cm deep, 18cm high. Just a real nice piece that would be great in any collection dealing with field equipment. Price below is 80% of what I recently saw one sell for but is probably still negotiable.

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