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Polish Foreign Laborer P Patch - WWII German Insignia

Polish Foreign Laborer P Patch - WWII German Insignia
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P patch for Polish laborer in Germany. Cheap construction consistent with late war production of non-military insignia. Besides the use of slave labor Germany also imported voluntary laborers in increasing amounts due to obvious manpower shortages. The line is hazy as the German placed governments in occupied zones such as Poland didn't leave much for the locals. If a man wanted to eat he was likely to have to go to the Reich as a "volunteer" laborer. To identify themselves such laborers had to wear insignia such as this. These large groups were looked at with increasing suspicion as the war drew to an end but there seems to have not been a mass uprising with these imported laborers. Most seem to have quietly waited until the war was over so they could go home and try to start over. Interesting piece of history.

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