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Prussian WWI Veteran 25 Year Kriegerverband Medal

Prussian WWI Veteran 25 Year Kriegerverband Medal
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Very nice Preussischer Kriegerverband medal with the 25 year device. This device is the scarcer version with the red enamel Prussian crown rather then the usual example showing the veteran memorial. All is in great shape with no damage found. While wuite affordable I always did like these medals as they show a very good looking eagle. This maker has used a raised eagle that looks especially good. I tried to take a side view photo to show this. There black and white background is likewise undamaged. The ribbons have no snags and end in nice, even tassels. They read "Preussischer Landes-Kriegerverband" and Lrh.Kr.-Vbd Wacht am Rhein". On the reverse the 25 year device is marked with three lines of writing but all I can make out is "Ges Gesch" and "Berlin". The plate behind the eagle is marked "GES GESCH NO 1902 E. SCHILLING BERLIN S. 42". Nice, well marked medal.

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