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Reichsmarschall Cigar Box by Otto Boenicke -WWII German

Reichsmarschall Cigar Box by Otto Boenicke -WWII German
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This is just a neat item. Cigar Box by Otto Boenicke featuring Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering. The inside lid features a very flattering rendition of Goering and the trim of the box, both inside and out features alternating laurel leaves and field marshal batons. On the right side of the box is an interesting 20 rpf (Reichspfenig) tax stamp with a nice embossed eagle. Inside are a good number of cigars which I unfortunately can not add to internet sale as I can not be assured of the age of buyer (Also doubt I am allowed to sell cigars and have no way of knowing they are original to the box anyway). Goering was very interested in making money so I assume he got a healthy cut of the profits and being a great egotist probably gave these out as gifts quite often. This is a rare item and priced very competitively with other examples I was able to find online.

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