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Luftschutz Supporting Member ID Booklet - WWII German

Luftschutz Supporting Member ID Booklet - WWII German
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This is a neat little document. Basically it is a supporting member booklet (Direct translation is Alliance partner ID Card). The stamps inside are given after donation is received to show the fellow was a contributing member. Nice that it specifies the group as Landesgruppe XIII Nordbayern., specifically the city of Coburg. Signed inside by the Orts-Kriesgruppenfuhrer. Also a nice, crisp and legible stamping with the same district identified. It is interesting the the first stamps of 1937-1938 have the word "Dank!". Once the war starts in the 1938-1939 stamps the "Dank!" is dropped. There are two more full pages of stamps from 1939-1943. The last page for 1943-1944 has only two stamps. perhaps he didn't like the fact that the price went from 5rpf to 30rpf or perhaps he was simply sent to the eastern front. At any rate, an interesting document for sure.

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