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Wehrpass For Punishment Battalion - WWII German Army

Wehrpass For Punishment Battalion - WWII German Army
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Very interesting army wehrpass. I am not very good at deciphering these things but luckily the fellow I traded for it had a very nice and clear write-up done on it. According to this the fellow was drafted Aug 7 1939 and called up Sept 19 1939. He served in a few different Landeschutz battalions but his last assignment on Dec 28 1942 was Feldstras Gef.Abt.14/Stab. I think maybe he wasn't being punished but rather was put on the staff of this unit as that is what "stab" means. His service included Poland Sept-Nov 1939, Seizure of Posen, rear area security in Posen district, homeland security, Eastern Front Feb 1942-January 1944, Positional Warfare Operations Army Group Center, Evacuation to new defense line Spas - Demensk - Dorogobusch - east of Welisch, defensive battles near Newel. Later fought with Army Group Upper Rhein with 19th Army. Comes with statement of pure blood and Auszug aus der Sammrolle. Neat set.

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