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Fasicst Italian Machine Gun Unit Medal - 1940 WWII

Fasicst Italian Machine Gun Unit Medal - 1940 WWII
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This is a very cool medal but I have been only half able to figure it out. It is a scarce medal and I wasn't able to find a single other example online. The reverse shows a flaming bomb with "15" on it backed by a pair of pole arms. Across the top reads "MANI MACCHINE ARMI PRONTE" which translates to something like "handheld machine weapons are ready" which I think is a reference to machine guns. Below the bomb and polearms reads "il Luigi di Ponte L Luigi" (The genius of the Bridge of Luigi??). Below that the date Giugno 1940 XVIII; June 1940. The VIII reflects the Fascist habit of keeping a running count of the years since the Fascist march on Rome. The obverse of the medal shows the profiles of two fellows. The guy in the back is Mussolini. The guy in the front is maybe the mysterious Luigi? Around the two of them is the Fascist slogan "CREDERE - OBBEDIRE - COMBATTERE - VINCERE" or "Believe, Obey, Fight, Win". Surely a great strategy. Really a neat medal but as it is a bit of a mystery to me input would be greatly appreciated.

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