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Regimental Stein 6th Bavarian Infantry Regiment German

Regimental Stein 6th Bavarian Infantry Regiment German
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Very attractive Imperial German beer stein. This fellow's unit is written along the bottom: 6th Bavarian Infantry Regiment Kaiser Wilhelm of Prussia 1st Company Amberg 1910 - 1912. The line on the top of the stein is a slogan that the unit is proud to be named after Kaiser Wilhelm. Below that says the man is infantryman Johann Schiessl. The artwork shows infantrymen marching in column through a town, on the double through the countryside, shooting along an embankment, cooking in camp and in one spot apprehending a young woman with a tray full of beers. There are various banners with writing explaining the artwork throughout. In the middle is a nice representation of the unit's hometown Amberg flanked bu two soldiers, one in a pickelhaube and the other gesturing with his cap. Below the town are two portrait images of, I believe, the soldier Schiessl and Luitpold, Prince Regent of Bavaria. The artwork is all delicately enhanced and textured with applied paint. The base shows the lithophane image of a soldier and his frau. The lid is beautiful with a green gem fixed to the top. The slogan on one side translates to something about "Long live the reservist" and on the other something like "He who has served faithfully and devoted his time should have a full glass". The thumb lever shows a good looking Bavarian lion. I do also find Schiessl's name next to last on the bottom of the company roster.

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