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Waffen SS 1944 Der Soldatenfreund Soldier Handbook

Waffen SS 1944 Der Soldatenfreund Soldier Handbook
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Very cool Waffen SS soldier's handbook. The first page has a slightly blurred stamp indicating it is from office of Germanizing Russia (DDR Deutsctum im Rusland). The first part of the book is a daily journal of which there are some entries (A couple more then shown in the attached photos). Interestingly the second 4 in 1944 is crossed out in each and replaced with a 5 so this journal is actually for 1945. The entries stop after a few pages. There are many reasons why a soldier might stop writing, none of them good. I can make out little but there may be some great content there. There is the repeated term "SMG gruppe" which may be a heavy machine gun group. The central part of the book is text probably going over SS structure, rules and hierarchy. The last part of the book contains many nice color pages of various insignia and a world map at the end. As can be seen in the photos there is some damage. The spine has been taped and the lower left corner is smooshed. There are weak pages and the last pages are loose (See photos). Condition not withstanding, this is a great item and includes a good many personal entries. Condition on existing examples are usually similarly rough as these were often stuffed in the bottom of a pack and often on the move. Measures about 5x3 inches. Fascinating item.

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