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Japanese Navy Full Dress Tunic - WWII IJN Uniform Top

Japanese Navy Full Dress Tunic - WWII IJN Uniform Top
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Very high quality full dress tunic for Japanese naval captain. Lovely dark blue shell with bullion work around the color that is just out of this world. There is one small snag in the bullion but almost impossible to see with all the activity. None of the buttons look to be reattached nor does there seem to be any repairs. The inside is made of a high quality quilted fabric that is very clean and pleasantly pliable. There a couple of tine rub holes on the inside lining but truly not a big deal at all and nothing a dime wouldn't cover up. Color label for manufacturer and the other two labels shown are in the two inside pockets. Lovely example of full dress that navies of all countries seem to take very seriously with extreme quality throughout, right down to the tails in the back.

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