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Early Panzer Lot - Book Photos Document - Possible KC

Early Panzer Lot - Book Photos Document - Possible KC
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Really terrific lot belonging to an early panzer man, the sort of thing that doesn't come along very often. First a used postcard showing the same early model tank as is being used by the unit in question. Then there are 10 loose photos, all except for two having descriptions on the back in the same hand. With the exception of the very fine portrait photo, all are on Agfo-Lupex or Agfo-Brovira stock and all are full of men in the early panzer berets and black uniforms. Some show signs of having been in a photo album. Then there is the book itself, Die Deutschen Kampwagen im Weltkrieg by Major Volckheim which obviously covers WWI German tanks and tank battles. There are some maps and a few photos. As I have seen before the book is a presentation gift to Gefreiter Wilhelm vom Berg "For good service as a tank commander". Ohrdruf 30.9.1937 . The book was a gift from his Hauptmann and Company Chief. As Hauptmann (Captain) is not a highly paid rank, nice books were a common gift to subordinates so deserving and in this case the gift shows great pride in their choice of armed service specialty. On this first page is also another photo probably of Berg and his tank crew in front of their tank. On the second page are two black strips added to hold his certificate of service in Panzer Regiment 7 November 1935 to October 1937. I do find a Wilhelm Berg winning a Knights Cross on June 9, 1944 likely in the Normandy fighting. It can not be proven that this is the same man but our Wilhelm Berg would have been 30 at the time so very possible as he would have had pre-war experience with modern weaponry. All pieces in great shape. Just a magnificent set.

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