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Oath of Allegiance Swearing Badge Feb 25 1934 Hamburg

Oath of Allegiance Swearing Badge Feb 25 1934 Hamburg
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This is an extremely interesting badge from the February 25 1934 swearing of the oath of allegiance to Adolf Hitler. It was a day of infamy when the Wehrmacht took such an oath and paved the way for the crimes that were to follow and be condoned and even aided by the German army. The event for which this badge was issued was a similar event in which around a million party members made a similar oath. Perhaps it seemed like a good idea at the time. Different badges were made for this event in different gau and they are all heavy, solid well made items that classify them as a badge as they are far more significant then tinnies. This is one of two that I am listing today. Both were on extended layaway from a regular customer in Calgary who ended up owing me money and promptly disappeared. It is sad when someone we trust and even consider a friend does this to us but at least it makes these two badges available for another collector who will appreciate them. This badge is from Hamburg and the oath was actually taken on Gauparteitag and this one even states "Swearing in of political leaders". Really a neat, well constructed badge that would fit in even an advanced collection. Nice item.

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