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Finnish Bravery Medal for War With Russia - WWII Award

Finnish Bravery Medal for War With Russia - WWII Award
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Very interesting Finnish medal for the WWII conflict with Russia. The Soviet Union first invaded Finland in 1939 in an attempt to grab some territory and create a buffer zone between Leningrad and a possibly hostile nation. This invasion shocked the world and there was even talk of US troops being sent to assist the Finnish. it is enough to make one's head spin when we consider how that would have affected the landscape as the war developed through 1940 and 1941. In the end Finland received no significant help from anyone and despite fighting bravely and inflicting severe losses on the Russians they were pushed back by weight of numbers until a cease fire was agreed to which lasted until the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941. Fascinating stuff and an interesting medal to the historian who appreciates the significance of this relatively minor niche of WWII.

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