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Anti-Nazi Propaganda Leaflet - WWII Psy Ops

Anti-Nazi Propaganda Leaflet - WWII Psy Ops
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Extremely cool anti-Nazi propaganda leaflets. I do not know if these were produced by US, UK or Russia but they are rare and extremely interesting. The front translates to something like" Defending the partei means the destruction of your home". the main body of the message basically says that the German soldier want peace and are tired of five years of useless fighting. The party and the SS are ready to take and sacrifice the last German soldiers; the last school boy who can only carry a gun. And they call that the defense of Germany. These people are the true enemy! He has only one thought. You need the war: Because they know that only the German Wehrmacht is between them and their destruction. There is more text but this is the overall gist and is, in retrospect, rather accurate. obviously this was an appeal to the people and lower ranking soldiers to give up the fight to save themselves, their children and their homes. This is a very rare item and hard to find as they were mostly destroyed as soon as possible as having such a document on one's person was an almost certain death sentence. Historically important item.

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