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WWII Propaganda Leaflet Directed at German Troops

WWII Propaganda Leaflet Directed at German Troops
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Very interesting propaganda leaflet aimed at German troops. This would probably be dropped on German troops and would equate to psy-ops operations. This small paper, about 17x11cm. The intent was to give the German soldiers information on the two fronts of their war to cause them to lose heart. One side gives the situation on the Western Front on January 16 1945. It starts out with explaining that the Ardennese Offensive (Battle of the Bulge) is over and German troops are on the defensive and scattered throughout the Ardennese. It goes on to give more information on the Western Front. The other side gives information on the Western Front and talks about the large Russian Offensive moving through Poland and ends with Budapest where 5000 Germans were taken as prisoners on January 15 and where German relief efforts have been stopped. Bleak sounding news. These propaganda pieces aimed at combat troops are really fascinating.

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