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Anti-Hitler Propaganda Leaflet - WWII Psy Ops

Anti-Hitler Propaganda Leaflet - WWII Psy Ops
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This is the last of a very interesting group of propaganda leaflets I recently purchased. This one is titled "After Hitler's Fall" and touches on preparing the German people to get rid of Hitler and the transition to follow. It asks if the war should be abbreviated or prolonged and then goes into the questions Hitler won't ask such as "Can Hitler's Germany expected a compromise peace? Does Hitler's defeat mean German destruction? Can England deliver the German folk people from bolshevism? Does Hitlers defeat mean unemployment and inflation for Germany? Does England expect that the German folk assists in the destruction of the Hitlerite regime? In style, mainly asking thought provoking questions and offering long detailed answers this document i clearly British produced and does mention England often so the country of origin is not a mystery. Condition is excellent as most such leaflets are in rough condition from being hidden. Really fascinating stuff that doesn't often come up.

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