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WWI Field Marshal Von Hindenburg Medalllion or Token

WWI Field Marshal Von Hindenburg Medalllion or Token
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Either a small medallion or a token (About 3.5cm diameter) featuring G.FELDMARSCHALL V. HINDENBURG. The reverse has the saying of Hindenburg's: "nicht nur durchhalten sondern gr√ľndlich siegen" or "Don't just persevere but thoroughly win". Now that is really a cool thought. Dated 1914 1915 1916 around the edges. The edge is stamped IMIT BRONCE which is easy enough to translate. Nice wartime propaganda type piece. I do honestly think that Hindenburg is a very underrated historical figure. He was an extremely effective general and when his country needed him he served as a political figurehead literally until his mind left him slowly and then death claimed him, holding the country together by force of will and trying to blunt the venom of the NSDAP party.

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