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German Psyops Propaganda Leaflet Dropped on Americans

German Psyops Propaganda Leaflet Dropped on Americans
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Very rare and almost impossible to find German propaganda leaflet dropped on American soldiers during WWII. This is the sixth of a series of six leaflets known as the Georgia Series. Condition is a bit rough with some damage to the upper right but when one considers that this is a small leaflet, not much thicker then tissue paper, supposed to be dropped out of an airplane by an air force without air superiority and then carried around by GIs in a war zone it is surprising there is even a one left. Psyops are often very effective but in this case the Germans were being steadily pushed back and when these were successfully dropped on American soldiers the result was supposed to be a demoralizing effect when they saw a near naked girl partying away with capitalists back home while the soldiers are fighting a deadly war. Instead the soldiers lucky enough to be dropped on had great fun actively traded them trying to complete their sets. About 12x9cm. Wonderful and interesting piece of WWII history.

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