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Russian Naval Dagger Hangers - WWII Soviet Navy

Russian Naval Dagger Hangers - WWII Soviet Navy
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Very nice set of Russian navy dagger hangers. I do believe these are WWII. If they are later it is not by much and I have these priced low regardless. Condition is terrific with gold wash on all metal fittings showing the most minimal of aging. Fittings are the same on both except for the swivel hook correctly present on the smaller strap. The buckles, modeled very closely on their German counterparts have anchors instead of lions (Who ever saw a lion swimming anyway?). The fabdric straps are a velvet base with a sort of denim covering the outside and the lower half of the inside of the straps. This is meant to make them more durable in the heavier wear areas. Not counting the swivel hook, the straps are about 28cm and 32cm respectively from clip end to clip end. There are certainly more daggers out there then hangers so this is surely a nice set for someone.

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