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Von Moltke Small Plaque or Plate - Imperial GermanI

Von Moltke Small Plaque or Plate - Imperial GermanI
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Small plaque with profile bust of Helmuth James Graf von Moltke. Moltke was a very forward thinking Field Marshall. At the top of this piece is a famous quote of his "Erst Wagen Dann Wagen" the meaning of which translates to "First you leap". His main theory being that one should attack strongly but never to plan to deeply past the point where contact is made. Since there are simply too many possibilities and varying factors it does no good to over plan to far into the future of a conflict. Rather you are better off beginning a conflict in an advantageous position and be prepared to adapt as the situation changes. For this reason Moltke was a serious proponent to having well trained NCOs who are both able and willing to act on their own when need be. In 19th century Europe this was truly revolutionary as the thinking was that the aristocracy alone should be the brains behind an army and NCOs were intended to be there more to lead by example and enforce discipline. I do not know what this piece is meant for but it is a nicely toned and attractive portrait of a very interesting historical figure.

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