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Italian 131st Armoured Division Centauro Medal - WWII

Italian 131st Armoured Division Centauro Medal - WWII
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Very attractive medal reading BATTAGLIONE GENIO PIONIERI "CENTAURO", which of course refers to the engineer battalion of the Centauro Division. In the middle of this wording is the unit emblem of the centaur shooting an arrow. On the reverse is a nice rendition of what seems to be a tank using a plow to clear a path through obstructions and a pontoon bridge in background; Both good engineer references. The Centauro Division was formed in early 1939 by expanding the 1st Armoured Brigade Corazzata. The division fought in Albania, Greece, Yugoslavia and finally North Africa in August 1942 until its surrender in Tunisia on 13 May 1943. Visually appealing medal with an interesting history behind it.

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