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Mystery Optics by Fennel Kassel 1937 - WWII German

Mystery Optics by Fennel Kassel 1937 - WWII German
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Strange optic device that I have not had much luck in figuring out. The device itself has typical German feldgrau green paint. Marked R.F. 3x12.5 FENNEL KASSEL 141 with a large hand painted 25. There is a finger twist screw in nut to attach it to some sort of equipment. The optics are nice and clean and shows 6 lines forming a cross hair of sorts. The form fit case is typical German military with a belt loop and spring tightened closure strap. On the side is stamped FENNEL KASSEL 1937 with a waffenampt WaA380. I have found this company making survey equipment the images of which all appear to be postwar. Whatever this is for they did not make many of.

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