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UNIQUE SS LAH Marked Ordnance Sword - WWII German

UNIQUE SS LAH Marked Ordnance Sword - WWII German
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This SS marked ordnance sword by Carl Eickhorn is a special item and has been in my collection for a good number of years. There is little doubt that the SS/I markings are original to the sword. The obvious assumption that the "I" would indicate Leibstandarte A.H. is supported by the very limited number of "armed" SS units at the time these ordnance swords were in use. I would think it safe to assume this is was used in early parade formations and probably shows up in some of those interesting early LAH photos where the guys are all 6'3" with white leather accouterments on review for this high official or that Gau Leiter. The blade is clean as a whistle and numbers match on scabbard and blade. There are also the usual plethora of waffenamts that these swords are supposed to have. The negatives include a small crack to the top of the black grip (Image 10) and the missing leather finger loop. This finger loop was a precarious addition and is missing from many of these swords. The scabbard also has a smudge of white paint and a small streak of green paint which is matched by a tiny spot of green paint on the handle. I imagine it should be easy enough to remove these spots but I as a rule don't attempt such procedures. This is a wonderful sword and I will dust off the old cliche "If only it could talk!".

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