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KISS Army Levi's Denim Jacket -Vintage 1980's Rock Roll

KISS Army Levi's Denim Jacket -Vintage 1980's Rock Roll
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It makes me feel old to call 1980's vintage but I think it works with this one which just off the chart on the Richter Scale of coolness. The jacket is typical 80's Levi and the entire thing is covered in superb artwork, patches and pins. Just as proof that our man here was well rounded the right sleeve has a long Metallica patch and the left side of the back has three smaller patches. Everything else is all K.I.S.S. and the hand done portrait work on the back is fabulous (Image 2). There are multiple pins near the collar with one having a loose front disk (The one I am pointing at in image 10). This could easily be crimped without even using a tool but I have a no-tinkering policy. The collar is well worn but looks great the way it is. The only surprise with this jacket is that there was no fatty in any of the pockets. Just a great piece of 80's pop culture.

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