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D-Day 1st Cav Div Swagger Stick WWII - Korea 1942-1952

D-Day 1st Cav Div Swagger Stick WWII - Korea 1942-1952
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Absolutely awesome swagger stick belonging to Alfred G Hill Colonel of Armor United States Army. Places and dates engraved on the top are N AFRICA 1943-1943, SICILY 1943, EUROPE 1944-45, KOREA 1950-1952. The two DI insignia attached are from the 70th Armor Regiment and the 1st Cavalry Division. As advertised, the 70th was originally formed as the 70th Armored Battalion and fought in Africa in 1942 and 1943. In 1944 it was attached to the 1st Cavalry Division in Sicily and subsequently found itself on Utah Beach during the D-Day landings and continued to see action fr the remainder of WWII. In 1952 it was once again fought with the 1st Cavalry Division. It was one of the first three tank battalions sent to Korea and saw significant action through that conflict. The only thing that could make this great history better is that we know who the fellow was. Included are the shown documents awarded by the War Department to Alfred G Hill, Colonel Armor who served with the army until 1972. Thirty years. One of these documents is to certify that he was awarded the Legion of Merit. A brief bit of research shows that Col Hill also wrote the First Cavalry Bibliography "Armor in the Far East: 1st Cavalry Division-Japan" September-October 1956. The swagger stick itself does not reflect that Col Hill was apparently also a Vietnam veteran as that is the location given on his Legion of Merit certificate. The top of the swagger stick is loose (See photo 10). I would not call this damage; Rather just a lack of a drop of glue. Terrific item ID'd and documented to a veteran of two wars including action in the Normandy landings of June 6 1944.

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