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RNST Reichsnährstand Blut und Boden 40 Year Service Badge

RNST Reichsnährstand Blut und Boden 40 Year Service Badge
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The RNST was the German agency that oversaw the governmentalization of the agricultural industry. The motto "Blut und Boden" translates to "Blood and soil" and was meant to imply that the blood of the "folk" was equivelant to the earth's soil and both were dependent on each other. Or some such nonsense meant to celebrate the connection of the "folk" to the nation's farming industry. But I suspect that it was just seen as another opportunity to offer another badge for people to collect and we should consider ourselves lucky that this organization didn't also have its own dagger. These uncommon badges were given to members contributing to the agricultural advancement of Germany. The 25 year badge is not easy to find but is out there. The 40 year badge is extremely hard to find. I don't recall the last time I saw one and after a check online I found none. This is a zinc based badge which did not normally hold its finish well. This example has virtually complete gold wash finish to the front and blackening to the recessed ribbing of the '40'. The finish on the reverse is not quite as complete but still solid. I am unfamiliar with the maker logo but is a large 'H' with a small 'F' in the top space and a small 'B' in the bottom space and '1818' below that. Nice rare badge.

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