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Post WWII Egyptian General Visor Cap - 1950's

Post WWII Egyptian General Visor Cap - 1950's
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Really a very, very cool Egyptian general's visor cap. There are one or two other examples online that are far fancier but without doubt far later. I have handled many WWII visor caps from various nations and this is very close in both materials used and method of construction. In my best educated opinion I would put this in the 1950's if not to the 1948 war with Israel. Elaborate front cap badge with Egyptian eagle is made of a pleasantly toned bullion is an exact match in style and material with the elaborate bullion decoration on the top of the visor; Without a doubt together since the hat was made. On the red band to the viewer's left of the badge is what appears to be a spot of black glue. This looks like a hole in the photos but is something that could probably be taken off if someone wants to pick at it. Beyond honest age wear and toning that is the only problem on the outside. The interior is in similar original/untouched condition and the only negative is some loose stitches between the visor and the sweatband as can be seen in the next to last attached image. The last image shows the front interior which is interesting as the peaked shape is held in place by a stiff rubber tube which is something I haven't seen before. The front cap badge is actually riveted in place and backed by a wool patch. Interesting and different construction. Super interesting hat that is priced low enough to give a lot of "Wow" for the dollar. Great piece.

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