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Hagi-Yaki Mizuzashi Japanese Tea Ceremony Ceramic Water Vessel

Hagi-Yaki Mizuzashi Japanese Tea Ceremony Ceramic Water Vessel
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This piece I believe to be a hagi-yaki mizuzashi. The glaze color and incised decoration shows a strong Korean influence owed to the Korean pottery tradition brought to Japan during the early 17th century occupation of Korea by the forces of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The big (?) handles and knop (?) top are design elements often seen on chirashi. This particular form, however, does appear to be a mizuzashi (Water vessel used in the Tea Ceremony). The speckled, coarse body looks like Hagi clay. After some investigation i am comfortable dating to the first half of the 20th Century but likely not pre-1920 so I am not listing as "Antique Asian Art". Such Hagi style ceramic ware is generally associated with Nagato province where Korean influence and style can be seen in art and culture in this area. Likely Korean artisans settled there after the Hideyoshi invasions and trade (An irresistibly force in almost any human situation) likely followed. An attractive piece reflective of an interesting merging of cultural influences.

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