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Early WWII German Motorized Army Photo Album

Early WWII German Motorized Army Photo Album
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Early photo album (Dated 1934-1935) for a motorized unit termed Kraftfahr. As it is well before significant military build up, the vehicles are not very impressive, although there are some decent motorcycle photos. Album is most notable in its condition. The only appreciable damage I can find is a minor tear to one of the waxpaper page dividers. Also, on the inside cover there is some juvenile grafiti which is certainly German in origin and old in flavor (see photo). If I were to guess I would say it was the soldiers son that got his hands on dad's military souvenier. In the album there is one photo missing but five extra photos stuck loose in the back. I do believe these extras are original to this man as a few are noted on the back as being from Lepzig where the owner of the album was stationed. I think they should stay together so this is why I am including these as well.

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