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Released in 2001 From Boyds Town Village Collection 5" "Mr. Pennypincher's Collectibles Shoppe " Style Number:19023 Edition Piece: 1E/1506.Yer certain to find a treasure or two at Mr. Pennypincher's Collectibles Shoppe, an antiques and collectibles store owned by Mr. Pennypincher, the Boyds Town appraiser and auctioneer. Over the years, he's gathered quite an assortment of keepsakes-from old Washbear guitars, luggage, and bicycles to estate jewelry, silverware...and even a kitchen sink or two! Folks are always snoopin' in his storefront window (made of clear resin!) to see his ever-changin' display. And the line starts formin' in the wee hours of the morn' when a new shipment of Boyds Bears arrives (a town favorite!). One bear's junque is another bear's treasure in Boyds Town...and Mr. Pennypincher has taught folks a valuable lesson: Don't trash it, Cash it! Mr. Pennypincher sells stuff the ol' fashioned way-cash only-and absotootly no layaways...this stuff's been sittin' around long enough! Bailey stopped by to check out the Vintage Clothes and found a rare china vase too good to pass up (so what if it's gotta chip..or two...with a little paint and glue, she'll get it lookin' good as new!). Alphonse bought a box of junque for a buck - he's siftin' through the baubles and beads in search of a priceless Bear Ruth baseball card!In wonderful condition but no longer has it's original box or certificate of authenticity

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