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1983 Krull Board Game By Parther Brothers

1983  Krull Board Game  By Parther  Brothers
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1983 Krull Board Game By Parther Brothers.Classic movie game based on the popular movie .This game is in very good condition and complete.Box shows minor wear with black maker markings on the upper left hand corner, no torn corners.Object of game: You and your opponents are battling to saver Princess Lyssa from the beast. Heís taken her from Prince Colwyn and carried her off to the black fortress. You must capture the Glaive card. Donít let opponents take it from you! And locate the black fortress card, while keeping its whereabouts a secret from others. One you have the glaive and can expose the Black Fortress, battle the beast and try to rescue the Princess. Defeat the beast and youíre the winner!

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