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About Us

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. We will always describe our items to the best of our ability, pointing out any problems or flaws. We respond to questions and orders within 24 to 48 hours and are HAPPY to answer any questions you may have.

We pack everything as securely as we know how. Each item is wrapped and boxed with padding/wrapping and sealed. That box is then placed with in another shipping box. This is to ensure that everything arrives as it left here.. intact and in the same shape as described for that item. In the descriptions we put the weight of each piece, that weight is of the piece BEFORE packing and is not meant to be used to calculate the actual shipping costs, merely a point from where to start. As we said, each piece is wrapped and packed in it's own box, and then repacked in a shipping box (unless there are multiple items, which would be separately packed but shipped in one box). There is - according to our calculations - roughly a 30% increase in weight per box. For example, if an item weighs 10lbs, then with both packing boxes it would weigh approximately 16lbs. This of course can vary depending on the beginning weight, the fragility, and size of that piece. If there are any questions.. please feel free to contact us!

Everything.. We mean EVERYTHING is negotiable.. The ONLY 'stupid' question is the one UNASKED. So.. PLEASE feel free to ask. One never knows where a bargain may lurk.

Good shopping and thanks for stopping by!!


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