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All Items : Porcelain : Pre 1920 item #919566 (stock #0039)
BlueMoon Ent.
A gorgeous earthenware-porcelain coffee-brown teapot. Hand-painted with an Aztec-Hindu-Christian type of motif. You decide. The design is interesting..while also pleasing to the eye. It has gold painted around the lip, below that around the rim, as well as the lip of the spout. There is also a stripe down both sides of spout as well the back of the handle. The lid's handle has the gold around it, and a gold circle around the handle, half-way in just outside the steam hole...
All Items : Porcelain : Pre 1970 item #932578 (stock #0051)
BlueMoon Ent.
This Andrea by Sadek Ginger Jar, is hand painted with vibrant bright and light green flowers and leaves, outlined in brown. The jar stands 4 3/4" (12.3cm) tall with the lid, and is 13 3/8" (32.3cm) around widest part, and the weight is 7.1oz (201g). There are a couple green smudges that must have occurred during the hand painting and there is a run in the glazing also. This is not your ornate oriental jar but a quietly cultured piece that stands out irregardless.
All Items : Porcelain : Pre 1960 item #1010664 (stock #0071)
BlueMoon Ent.
Chinese Pink Flowered hand painted Millefleur Famille rose bowl, Lovely vibrant pink flowers are the motif for this beautiful item, starting with inside the bowl center and in each of the four panels surrounding the center flower; then also around the the top lip of the bowl. The exterior continues with the same floral design but is highlighted with a dainty lilac coloured flowers around the outer upper rim which like the inside is backgrounded with gold...
All Items : Porcelain : Pre 1960 item #1010670 (stock #0072)
BlueMoon Ent.
Two distinctive Chinese hand painted Millefleur Famille rose bowls. The motif is three red roosters interacting within a pastoral setting surrounded with flowers, fruit trees, and lattice work. The rooster motif continues on the exterior of the bowls and appears to be cleverly contrived; as if you are looking at the same three roosters but from the side rather than from the top (looking into bowl bottom). The bowls are alike but there are differences...
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