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Starburst Oval Serving Platter by Franciscan China SOLD

Starburst Oval Serving Platter by Franciscan China SOLD
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During the post-war prosperity consumers, ready for something futuristic and new, found that the Franciscan Starburst, designed by George James, and the Eclipse dish shape, was the perfect dinner ware for their cutting edge kitchens. Produced from 1954-1957, the aqua, green, and yellow design was a smooth, decal-pattern rather than the hand-painted raised ones prior to this time. These were the ideal plates for the "modern" kitchens of the day, as well as the "modern-retro" kitchens today. Franciscan Tableware and Catalina Art Pottery are made from Malinite, the most important advancement in the pottery industry in the last century. Developed by the chemists of Gladding, McBean & Co., the basic material of Malinite is rock, instead of clay, the same material as "talcum powder". Combined with an amorphous flux, in the heat of the kiln, binds together the molecules of talc so an extremely tough, durable body is formed, highly resistant to thermal shock and free from internal flaws. The glazes become so fused with the body that they cannot craze. Another feature was the brilliant palette of colors and matte textures that could be produced, and since discovering a way to make pottery less porous, longer lasting and crack resistant, they created better quality dinnerware with its own sales incentive. I have 3 large 15" platters and 1 small 13" platter and 1 large 15" platter that is slightly chipped. The 15" are $55.00 each, the 13" is $45.00 and the chipped one is $50.00. The shipping plus insurance is calculated per individual plate for listing reasons and can and will negotiated during sale.

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