Bruce Cherner Antique Silver
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Bruce Cherner Antique Silver
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Canton or Hong Kong circa 1840 with carved mother of pearl handles, length eight inches, monogrammed "WL" (?), fine condition although one blade shows evidence of being straightened (see fourth photo).

Forbes lists one set of dessert knives, #252 shown in figure 75, but these would appear to be quite rare.

No, dear reader, you're not daft though I may be, there are only five pictured here. Yes, we do have the sixth and it is no different than these!!

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Bruce Cherner Antique Silver
a rare, diminutive example, 3 1/8 X 1 7/8 X just under 1/2 inches, weight 2.3 Troy ounces.

It is an unusual pleasure to find an object which is engraved ("J. Diprose, EsqR / from J.J.G. Bombay") with both a name and a location, to lend it an added sense of history.

This item is superb in both design and execution. Though we always hesitate to say "flawless condition," one would be hard-pressed to find fault...

All Items : Silver : China Trade : Pre 2000 item #1209362 (stock #2171)
Bruce Cherner Antique Silver
Canton circa 1825, double struck fiddle thread and shell with classic "inset vee" or "Chevron" seam construction, length 11 7/8 inches, weight 6.9 Troy ounces, a minor test mark as shown in enlargement number four but outstanding overall condition, no monogram.

For related items by this maker, see Forbes figure 61c and Chait number 251. This is the first China Trade strainer spoon we've encountered in the course of twenty eight years...

All Items : Silver : China Trade : Pre 2000 item #1115987 (stock #2048)
Bruce Cherner Antique Silver
last seen in Chinese customs, now missing and presumed stolen
no, not that kind of a cat box, but a snuff box with "trap door" opening and secret compartment, 2 1/4 by 1 7/8 by 1 inches, weight 2.27 oz. Troy, marked with Chinese ideograms only (please see 5th photo).

In terms of construction, this is, not alas a first rate object. The edges don't quite meet up flush, the hinge is on the exterior rather than integral, and there are also a few minor bits of waviness on the front and side panels...

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