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Fossilized Turritella & Leperditia Molds

Fossilized Turritella & Leperditia Molds
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Turritella Molds and Leperditia Molds Turritella molds are the corkscrew like cavities. This species was a cephalopod that crawled along the bottom of the sea looking for bits of food. These organisms would have lived in the Triassic period (with the early dinosaurs) making them 190 million to 225 million years old. Leperditia molds look clam like but are crustaceans distantly related to lobsters, crabs and barnacles. The organism would be similar to a shrimp with antennae and several small legs. These organisms would have lived in the Ordovician period making them 430 million to 500 million years old. Interestingly, the Leperditia colony would have been extinct long before the Turritella arrived. This example was found at Monroe Bay, Westmoreland County, Virginia along the Potomac River. Measurement is 5 inches long by 3 inches wide by 1 inches thick.

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