Crossroads Antiques
Q: Is International Shipping available? A: We're sorry, but internation shipping is not currently available. Q: Is shipping to Arkansas available? A: We're sorry, but shipping to Arkansas is not currently available. Q: I like an item listed, but I don't want to pay the asking price. Can I make you an offer? A: Sure. Crossroads Antiques will take offers from customers on any item. Please don't hesitate to make an offer today! Q: I'd like to see additional photos of an item. Is that possible? A: Yes. It's no problem to provide additional photos to you. Q: Can I visit your showroom to personally see an item? A: Please do! We are located at 1009 Hwy 63B, Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. Q: I want to purchase an item. Will you accept a personal check. A: We're sorry, but we cannot accept personal checks at this time. We accept payments via PayPal. It's free, quick, and easy to use PayPal. Q: Do you charge sales tax on items purchased on Cyberattic? A: Although a photo may state that we do, we do not. Q: Can I see photos that you've sold recently? A: Yes. Please visit the 'Learn More About Us' on our homepage. Q: I am looking for items made by a specific manufacturer. Do you have a list of manufacturers for the products in your store? A: Yes, but only a very small one at this time. Please visit 'Learn More About Us' on our homepage. Q: How do I contact your manager? A: Our manager may be directly contacted in several ways all offered for our customers to choose which method is more convenient for them. Our main phone is (870) 886-1823. Our manager is not always in the showroom. His direct number is (870) 637-2445. Our customers may also visit any of his online profiles which may be located by clicking "Learn More About Us" on our homepage. Our email address is

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