Antique weapons, paper ephemera and fine arts and crafts by Eric's Fabulous FindsEric's Fabulous Finds
About Us
My name is Eric Shenker, I have over 40 years of retail and wholesale sales experience as well as a passion for all things related to history and archeology. I was always drawn to the arts and crafts of the past and I love fine contemporary pieces that are made with the same quality, fine attention to detail and workmanship of bygone eras. I have been actively buying, selling, trading all sorts of antiques as well as contemporary creations that have a great potential for appreciating in value over time and becoming future heirlooms. I bought and sold the most beautiful rare and unusual treasures in my own store for over 15 years. After closing my award winning gallery in 2010 I decided to go exclusively online. I am now sharing my enthusiasm and knack for finding wonderful things through this website. I am committed to offer all my customers the same level of excellence in service, honesty, integrity and quality that made my former gallery's reputation. Thank you for reading this and please visit me online regularly to see my latest Fabulous Finds!

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