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Eric's Fabulous Finds

Vintage wooden hat form circa 1900 to 1930 (used in the photos of my hats listed for sale under miscellaneous).

All Items : Miscellaneous : Pre 1930 item #1243149
Eric's Fabulous Finds
Unique vintage ladies feather hat. Because of it's unique design, it will fit most women. Truly a one-of-a-kind piece.
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Eric's Fabulous Finds

These come-alongs were made in Germany by Kayser, probably between WW I and WW II.

These flexible cuffs were called "Come-alongs" because once put around someone's wrist and closed, all it took was a slight twist of the wrist by the person in charge and no matter how big the prisoner was......they came-along without an argument!

This particular set has a chain that is heavy and quite long at 10 inches, the overall length is 13.5 inches and they would have been able to control a ...

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Eric's Fabulous Finds

Ammolite is the fossil shell of the Upper Cretaceous Ammonite, a squid-like marine animal. Ammonites lived about 70 to 75 million years ago, and were a favoured delicacy of the Mosasaur, a marine reptile. It would sink its teeth into the ammonite, the body would be devoured and the shell discarded and then fall to the sea bottom. Over millions of years the sediment would preserve the shell and this mineral-rich environment created iridescent greens, reds, yellows, rare blues and violets...

All Items : Militaria : Pre 1950 item #1187097
Eric's Fabulous Finds


These “nippers” were made in the U.S.A. by Harrington and Richardson about 1940. These are Model #126 and came in 2 sizes, this one being the longer one; the other was shorter by a couple of chain links...

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