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Old West Handcuffs

Old West Handcuffs
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In 1818 Thomas Griffin Hiatt appears for the first time in the Wrightson Directory as a manufacturer of felon's irons and gate locks, they were located on Moor St. in Birmingham. A few years later Hiatt moved around the corner to #26 Masshouse Lane, where he is located in the next edition of the Wrightson's Birmingham directory as a manufacturer of felon's irons, gate locks, handcuffs, horse and dog collars. The Hiatt Company remained at the Masshouse Lane address until the building was destroyed in the 1941 German bombing during World War II. This type of handcuff was used by the English and Irish constabulary as well as lawmen in the Wild West towns during the 1800ís. When watching Old West cowboy movies depicting lawmen arresting outlaws, you will see them being cuffed by handcuffs just like these.

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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