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Pa Kua Chang Weaponry

Pa Kua Chang Weaponry
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A spectacular group of four extremely rare and unique Pa Kua Chang martial arts training weapons, also called Baguazhang (Eight Palm Changes) dating from the early 1800's.

Pa Kua Chang is an internal discipline developed in the early ninteenth century, based on the eight tri-grams in the 800 year-old "I Ching" (Book of Changes). The training weapons are oversized to develop strength and balance and they were sometimes used in battle. This form of fighting evolved into one of the deadliest forms of hand-to-hand combat.

These four Chinese weapons are:
"Pa" (Tiger Fork) trident made of hand forged iron, with wood shaft.
"Guan do" (General's Lance) made of had-forged iron, with wood shaft.
"Eight Immortals" two-handed, hand-forged steel sword.
"Shield" copper-clad heavy hide, with dedication to the discipline and decorated with "I Ching" coins.

This is a museum quality collection as it is extremely rare to find an entire set of these weapons and also preserved in such great condition.

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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